‚ÄčWe realize that sometimes, friends, family, extended families and even co workers want to assist with the financial assistance of the cremation or funeral expenses.   Please call us to discuss further. 


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Types of Services

Why aren't all funeral homes posting their pricing online?

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There is so much information out there about different funeral services that it can be overwhelming.  The information below is meant to be as straight forward as possible as you price shop.**

Remember, the first step is to simply provide the hospital, hospice or assisted living center/nursing home with our name and phone number.

Compass Pointe Funeral Services   407-797-6200


At time of need, they call us 24/7 and a team is dispatched for transport of your loved one into our care. 


We don't ask for any money upfront or at time of pickup but only at time of State approval for the cremation and/or before the funeral service.

Other Services: 

A direct cremation where the person is taken directly to the crematory.  Once the necessary forms and approvals are obtained, a cremation is performed.  In Central Florida, the total costs are a $695 Cremation Package in Orange County (Removal, Refrigeration, Cremation, Alternative Container, Notifying State/Local Agencies & Social Security and returning remains in Temp Container) + $35 Medical Examiner Permit.   Death certificates are $10 each. For example, 2 death certificates would be $20 for a grand cremation total of $750.

traditional cremation is where the person is embalmed and there is a viewing and potentially a service by clergy.  The person is embalmed dressed and placed in a casket for viewing hours.  There is a service at our funeral home for up to 20-25 people for up to 3 hours and cremation takes place after that. Currently Masks are required.  

The total costs are $2,395 and includes everything associated with a direct cremation plus the plus a rental casket, embalming, dressing, light make up, register book, viewing and service. The $35 Medical Examiner permit fee and death certificates would be added to that total.  For example, 2 death certificates would still be $20 for the Grand Total of $2,450.   Additional costs would be any clergy fee ($150), flowers and/or memorial cards.

Given the restriction of number of people attending, we do offer streaming services at no charge. An example of some of our services can be found at the Facebook link below:

If you are looking for a larger service, we would reach out to our Church partners to see what their current COVID - 19 mandates entail.  We may be able to hold larger services. 

A Cremation Memorial Service is where the person is cremated and a service is held at a local church. The loved one is typically in an urn at the front of the church. The total costs for a cremation memorial service would be $1,320 and includes everything associated with a direct cremation plus register book, tree of life wooden urn and use of a local church. The $35 Medical Examiner permit fee and death certificates would be added to that total.  For example, 2 death certificates would still be $20 for the Grand Total of $1,375 plus any clergy/church fees that the church would charge us. (Typically $150 - $350)

A Traditional Funeral Burial Services is where the person is embalmed and there is a viewing and service at a church.  The person is embalmed, dressed and placed in a casket for viewing hours.  After the church service the person is transported via a hearse to a cemetery.   The total cost is more  variable than the other services because the family has to pick out a casket and there are cemetery fees associated which vary by cemetery location which we don't control.   For example, costs could be as low as $3,595 for our services plus cemetery fees of $3,000 for a total cost of $6,595.  (As with the above examples, does not include any clergy/church fees that the church would charge us. (Typically $150-$350)

Domestic and International Shipping is also available.  This is where the person is embalmed, placing in a special shipping container and shipped via the airlines.

This means if we want your loved one shipped to a different state, we would work with a funeral home in that city/state and coordinate the shipping of your loved one so that you may have a funeral in that city/state at a funeral home.  Domestic pricing starting at $2,000 (airfare included). International shipping is also available. Call for additional pricing for specific country requirements.  

** Examples above assume the person is under 250 pounds and have passed away in Orange/Osceola County.  As a disclaimer, we have to say prices subject to change so please call us to discuss your specific needs. Again, we really try to keep it simple and straightforward.