For planning purposes you can think about it in a couple options. 

1) Non Funded Arrangements

In this example, the paperwork is emailed or mailed to you.  You would complete the paperwork and return it to us.  There is still no obligation to use us and payment has not been made.  While pricing typically does not change this means any pricing is NOT locked in.

This helps families prepare for the passing and already have the paperwork on file with us. 

2) Funded Arrangements

In this example, Compass Pointe Funeral Services provides pre need services for a direct cremation planning.  The funded pre need services can considered in two parts; 


        2a)  The guaranteed costs is the direct cremation. This includes filing with state, local agencies along with social security, removal of the individual from place of death, refrigeration, cremation fee, the container that the body is placed in for the cremation and a plastic temporary container for the return of the remains.

This means this price will not change and is in effect until the cremation is ultimately needed in the future.  

Today, the guaranteed pricing is $795 for someone in Orange, Osceola,  Volusia and Seminole County. This does assume the person also under 250 pounds.  Call us for pricing about the other counties we serve. 

        2b)  The non-guaranteed costs are costs subject to change and may be different in the future.  They are the medical examiner permit fee.  This is required for everyone in the State of Florida who chooses cremation. The other non guaranteed costs are any death certificates and mailing costs. 

In today’s dollars,  that non-guaranteed cost is currently is $35 -$60 for the medical examiner permit depending on the county and $10 each for death certificates.  Families typically can choose to put money towards these variable costs today which helps to offset any future increase by the county. 

For example, today,  with the permit and two death certificates, a contract total could be $850 in Orange, Osceola and Volusia County.  It would be $875 for Seminole county.

You can pay the full amount or payment plans start as low as $100 for the initial deposit and as low as $25 per month which goes into a trust account. 

This Trust account can be made Revocable or Irrevocable (if a spend down is needed. 

Remember, this money goes into an account with the bank where your money is protected until we make a claim against the funds with a death certificate.

We typically meet families by appointment in our office as an application must be completed and a check and paperwork is mailed to the bank. 

We also can make arrangements via email and you can mail us the documents along with a check payment back to our office. 


​​Pre-planning Arrangements

Call us at 407-797-6200

As with the rest of our website, we do our best to keep things simple and straightforward.  If you are on this page, you are looking for information about pre planning arrangements.  


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